Oyster 4G Asset Tracker


Batteries are not included in the price of your tracker and can be purchased from Nuvola or many other sources.

If you order your batteries with your tracker, we will install them so your tracker will be running when you receive it, if not you will need to purchase and install the batteries yourself.

  • Energizer brand lithium batteries are recommended for use in your tracker if it is positioned in a sheltered position or inside an enclosure.
  • Eve brand Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries if the tracker is positioned outside in harsh conditions where it will be subject to low temperatures, frost etc.


Pre-set Hardware settings

When the tracker is stationary it runs in sleep mode to preserve battery life, in sleep mode the tracker will report its location to the Nuvola IoT platform every 12 hours.

If the tracker moves more than 200 mt from its stationary position the tracker will wake up, change to in trip mode and send an in trip message to the Nuvola IoT platform (this action is limited to once every 24 hours). When the tracker is in in trip mode it records its location every 2 minutes and uploads these locations to the Nuvola IoT platform every 30 minutes.


If you need more frequent data upload info to assist with theft recovery, contact us and request that the tracker is set to theft recovery mode.


Pre-set Nuvola IoT platform settings

Your Nuvola IoT platform is set up to

  • email you every time your tracker enters in trip mode (once every 24 hours)
  • email you if your battery voltage is running low and batteries need replacing

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