Bolt 2 - 4G

At point of order you can request us to

  • install SIM card (additional cost from $5 per month) for you
    • or you can supply your own SIM card and install on receipt of the device.
  • set up a Senstera control panel for you (additional cost $250) and provision your device/s to use your Senstera control panel


If you decide to set up and use your own control panel vendor, we will complete the provisioning of an HTTP connector for your device to send data to your chosen control panel account.

To do this we will need to know

  • your control panel vendor name
  • the URL to send your data to
  • the authentication details for your account
    • Header name and token
    • Username and Password if required


Default Settings

The default settings include 

Hourly Heartbeats

When not in trip, the device will log a heartbeat record, connect to the server, and refresh its GPS data every 60 minutes.

Trip Tracking

By default, the device detects trips based on GPS movement in the following way

If some accelerometer activity is detected, the device begins checking GPS for movement

If the GPS finds the device has moved >150m (default threshold, can be adjusted) from the starting position, a trip is started

A trip ends after 5 min of no GPS movement, or if GPS signal is lost for this long.

Once in trip, the reporting rate increases default logging is as follows

The device is set to log a record every 60 seconds or 500m of distance travelled, whichever comes first.

Heading Changes, the Device will also log a record when the heading change of is detected and will track when the vehicle corners.


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